Where Going Green Makes Sense!

Our Mission

Helping people transition to green energy and protect their energy bills from soaring. No pressure, education oriented, customer experience focused. We want to be transparent, honest and upfront with you throughout the whole experience. Homeowners deserve a smart energy solution that is high quality and affordable. 

Our Vision

Become Western Canada’s largest residential Solar Company while helping homeowners create long term savings.

Our vision is to remain your #1 solar supplier by:

  • Making customer service our first responsibility.
  • Staying true to our values.
  • Helping homeowners create long-term savings.
  • Building a community of homeowners that share our purpose and vision.
  • Working hard every day to maintain our position.

About Us

Proudly started in 2021, Orizon Energy is a local, family focused, residential focused solar company that aims to make the transition to Solar power straightforward. Orizon Energy is a Constantly evolving innovative service provider dedicated to bringing the best experience to both our customers and team members. 

Our goal is to help people transition to green energy, own their power and control their energy bills. 

We started by our belief that a professional yet affordable solution is what Canadian homeowners deserve while helping our country execute the Net-Zero goal. Believing good, spreading good, and doing good aligns with our win-win-win motto. We are obsessed with making solar simple while providing the best service that we’d love to have for ourselves utilizing the vast experience and professional expertise of our qualified experts.

Our program involves sales professionals approaching homeowners, answering questions, sharing innovative solar solutions. Orizon Energy innovative software allows for us to assess roof capabilities, supply preliminary designs, production estimates and pricing. 

We aim to be transparent, honest and upfront with our potential clients and provide homeowners with a smart energy solution that is high quality and affordable.

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