Solar Facts

Some Interesting Solar Points Worth Knowing

  • Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth. Seventy-three thousand terawatts of solar energy strike the ground continuously. That’s more than 10,000x the world’s total energy use.

  • Photovoltaic cells in solar panels cause a reaction between photons and electrons on an atomic scale. When photons (light rays) collide with electrons, the electrons get catapulted loose. Then, the electrons are captured and channeled into usable electricity.

  • Solar power is measured like all electricity—in watts. One thousand watts equals one kilowatt.

  • Solar modules are made from thinly cut wafers of crystalline silicon, produced by purifying metallurgical grade silica or sand.

  • Solar panels do not need direct sunlight to produce electricity. However, direct sunlight has the most energy.

  • Solar modules are an electronic device that generates some heat. This means it works better in cooler temperatures. Cold sunny days are ideal conditions for solar production.

  • A household solar system can reduce pollution by 100 tons of CO2 carbon dioxide in its lifetime, including the energy it took to manufacture the solar panels.

  • The US National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado said: energy to produce and install a solar module is recovered within 6-24 months of solar production.

  • A five-year study called NAIT Solar Reference Array found that snowfall on photovoltaic solar panels results in only about a 3% energy loss.

  • Southern Alberta is among the top 10 places for sun hours.
    Edmonton has the same amount of sun hours as Rio De Janeiro.
    On Average:
    Northern Alberta has 2141 annual sun hours, 307 days, and 44.8% bright sun.
    Central Alberta has 2169 annual sun hours, 323 days, 46.6% bright sun.
    Southern Alberta has 2460 annual sun hours, 328 days, and 52.6% bright sun.
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