Environmentally conscious homeowners want to do their part.

Orizon Energy makes the transition to solar power straightforward.

Keeping you empowered so we can create cleaner communities together.

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Solar power made simple. 

Let Orizon Energy provide you with a high quality smart energy solution at an affordable price.


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Everyone’s system and energy habits are unique and, so their solar energy savings are too. The average home in Alberta can reach net-zero with just 20 solar modules! No matter how much you save upfront on installation, the real savings will last throughout the lifetime of your solar panels (25+ years).

By making your home more energy efficient, you’ll conserve resources and save money by reducing your utility bills.

Own your power, Control your bills, Live Sustainably

Do you know much about Solar?

Have burning questions that need answers?

Don’t Worry, you’re covered.

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Google Review
Burt Craven
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“I would highly recommend Orizon Energy if you are planning a Solar System in the near future for your energy supply. This company is a prime example of how a Company should be operating. Right from the time I met the sales person at my door to the install it has been smooth and professional. This company will never leave you with unanswered questions. They help you along the way with EVERY single detail that is needed to get the System up and running. From what I can gather also is their prices are most likely going to be one of the best if not the best.“
Google Review
Aster Haile
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“This solar company is the best company. They have a very excellent customer service, friendly staff, very helpful in explaining the information and above all VERY EFFICIENT. I recommend them highly. We were waiting on another solar company over 6 months and Orizon managed to complete the process with in 4 weeks and install in our home.”
Google Review
Alexsandra Robert
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“They were great. Answered all my questions and made the system simple.“
Google Review
Jeanette Funk
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"Dejan was very helpful and considerate of what we were needing. We were very sceptical at first because we had some challenges previously, however, Dejan is very easy to feel comfortable with. Given the comprehensive details he shared about Orizon, his multiple existing clients references, and just his eagerness to help us go solar and lower our electricity bills right down, we are now happily on track to have solar by late September/early October."
Google Review
Susan Rasmussen
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"Our Orizon Salesman, Dejan was with us start to finish...he gave us factual information on the increasing costs of power and our ability to save money for years to come by installing Solar. Keeping our utility costs down looked very good for us as we are almost retired. I investigated on my own and Southern Alberta is a prime Solar location as we get an average of 328 days of sunshine a year! We were able to take advantage of the Greener Homes Grant and the Greener Homes Loan Program which made the price very reasonable. Orizon kept us updated with information at all steps of the process. Nic and his team installed our Solar panels in a day and everything went smoothly! A positive step for 'green' energy in our lives! Hiring Orizon Energy for our Solar was a win-win for all of us! I appreciated their knowledge, courtesy, and attention to detail."
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